FATHERS DAY FEAST; eating healthy at a restaurant.


Just because you are on a diet or macro plan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself on a night out to eat! I would always turn down an invitation to lunch or a night out to eat with my friends because I was scared to mess up my meal plan. I didn’t know about MyFitnessPal app- if you don’t have it , GET IT! It’s a must if your on a macro plan like I am ( if you want a macro plan or want to know what macros are contact me Brittany_sula@yahoo.com ). First step for going out to eat is looking at the menu for LIGHTER CHOICES, now a days most restaurants have this. In MyFitnessPal app type in the search bar the name of the restaurant and the title of the meal in the menu. Tonight, we went to Chili’s and I went right to the lighter choices portion of the menu. In MyFitnessPal app I typed Chili’s classic sirloin with grilled avocado and it gave me the macros for it 39P 20F 21C. ITS THAT EASY(:


SPARK POPS! Healthy summertime treat.



The perfect sweet summertime treat to keep you cool and make your sweet tooth happy (:  Put 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk in a blender bottle, along with 1 scoop of advocare fruit punch spark, and slice up 50 grams of fresh strawberries & also add into blender bottle. Shake and pour into popsicle container. This made about 5 popsicles! – MACROS: 17C/3F/1P : 91 calories. ( with new advocare fruit punch the macros would be 10C/3F/1P : 61 calories! )

-Enhances mental energy and focus
-Provides support for long lasting energy
-Helps fight occasional drowsiness
-Over 20 vitamins, minerals, & nutrients

Can purchase SPARK from http://www.advocare.com/141222129 (:

Let me know what you guys think of them!