“I once was lost, but now am found”

That quote pretty much describes my life, I was lost before fitness found me.

I am a recent IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) grad student with a B.S. in Interior Design. The only time I will probably ever use that degree is when I design my own house and fitness facility, so it wasn’t a total waste (: Fitness didn’t find me until after college; during college I was depressed, drinking constantly, ate whatever I wanted, & worked at a bar all four years so my sleeping pattern was horrendous.  I also let negative people into my life; ones who put me down, made me feel awful about how I looked, compared me to beautiful women, made me feel like I would never be good enough. For some reason, I turned to fitness. I researched workouts, what to eat, when to eat what, I wanted to know it all. My best friend from college wanted me to do a marathon with her, and that’s exactly when I learned I hated running!

One day I while training for the marathon ( hating my life running but wanted to see if I could do it anyways ) my mom and I went to a frozen yogurt shop and a personal trainer happened to own it, asked if I have ever wanted to do a fitness competition. I have only seen some about it looking through instagram but never thought it was something I could take part of, or ever even come close to looking like those women. He said I had a perfect base body to start with and we got to work. I learned so much about fitness and nutrition prepping for a competition, I became addicted to learning more and became addicted to the results I was getting. 12 weeks of prep I stepped on stage for the first time competing in the OCB organization ( all natural ) November 15th 2014. I took first place In my class and 2nd overall, I was on top of the world! I knew immediately after I needed to do another show, so I went right back on prep. Unfortunately, I hurt my back and couldn’t do leg day to my fullest potential so I pushed back the date of my show and five weeks out from my show my personal trainer left me. Fortunately, I found an online coach, Kyle Blair and he is amazing & I had my amazing boyfriend, family, and one of my best friends ( who is also a bikini competitor ) by my side my entire prep. I stepped on stage again May 2nd 2015, this show was huge compared to my first one! Because of all the issues I had during my prep I was very down on myself and didn’t think I would do well but still went out there giving it my all. I ended up placing first in my class and top 5 out of 44 girls! I was in shock and am actually still in shock today about it!

During this whole process, I met the man of my dreams, my swolemate! This wonderful man has put up with me through two rough preps and somehow still loves me! We met at the gym of course (: Also during this process, ADVOCARE came into my life, which is one of the best things to have ever happen to me. I am forever grateful for the couple that reached out to me and told me about this opportunity both physically and finically. Not only has advocare enhanced my performance in the gym and has complete changed my body, but it let me quit a job that I hated and gave me the job of my dreams.

So as of my current situation, I plan on taking a year or so off to really see what my body can do (: I also am working getting my personal training certificate and helping so many people with their health, fitness, and nutrition through ADVOCARE! I want to help everyone I possibly can with health and fitness, because it saved my life.

Brittany Sula


This blog is a personal blog written & edited by me, Brittany Sula. Occasionally, guest contributors will write a post and that will be noted. This blog is meant to share my lifestyle of health and fitness, and to inspire others. My posts are all my own opinions and not everything I post may be right for you specifically. Anything I discuss is what I believe and I am not responsible for errors or omissions. I am not a certified trainer or nutritionist. Anything posted relating to these fields are my beliefs and what has personally worked for me.

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